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Digital shooter tutor

Potent Hockey Digital Shooting Tutor - Light-up Goal Targets for Net with Scoreboard Countdown Timer - Shot Practice On Off Ice - The Ultimate Hockey Training Aid for Snipers


Product features

The Ultimate Training Aid for Snipers!
Digital Shooting Targets help you improve your shot accuracy in a fun, challenging way. Targets light up in a randomized pattern to help you practice game-like situations, improving your reaction times, vision, and shot accuracy. You'll learn to see opportunities in the net and have the confidence to take the shot!
• Multiple chances for scoring points
• Simulate shot opportunities through traffic
• Random pattern for the ultimate challenge
• Track scores from game to game
So if you are ready to take your Goal Scoring to the Next Level, get a Potent Digital Shooting Tutor!
• HOCKEY TRAINING MADE FOR SNIPERS - improve your shot accuracy, vision, and confidence with a digital shooting tutor. Helps you become the ultimate goal scorer.
• DIGITAL GOAL TARGETS - full-size goalie graphic with 6 light-up point targets, + 60 sec countdown timer, displays score at the end.
• FUN, CHALLENGING PRACTICE - Random target pattern gives you multiple chances to score points. Track scores from game to game. Think Fast & Shoot Accurate to win.
• EASY SET-UP - Goal Tarp fits Any Standard Net: 72"x48" (net not included). Rechargeable battery. Simply turn on and play.
IMPACT RESISTANT MATERIALS - high strength surface, PVC coated on 1000D nylon material. Made to withstand slap shots.