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Feb. 15, -18, 2017, Potent Hockey will bring new blockbuster to ISPO exhibition, Beijing look forward to meeting you

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Deep Chinese sports industry

2017 - the thirteenth Asian sporting goods and fashion show will be held on February 2017 15-18 at the National Convention Center in Beijing.

After 13 years of accumulation and development, has become the Asia Pacific sports fashion industry's most important professional trade fair, leading the domestic sports industry trends.

The exhibition is the brand a self display platform, but also the industry elite hero, is a grand gathering all the strength of the enterprise All flowers bloom together.

So join the event, how could there be no ice hockey sports Asia's largest training equipment and equipment manufacturers - Teng (POTENT HOCKEY) special sports participation?

So, the debut of the exhibition, Teng sports in the future which highlights?



The thirteenth Asian sporting goods and fashion show

Time: February 15, 2017 -18 days

Venue: Beijing National Convention Center (Olympic Park) two

Booth number: 2.505

By the time the special sports (POTENT HOCKEY) will display all kinds of ice hockey training equipment and equipment

Highlights of the show: ice skating machine

The first skating show in china!

The scene is more POTENTHOCKEY Canadian BC training center coach throughout the show skating machine!


1 What is a skating machine

Skating is a machine used to mimic the ice skating electromechanical equipment, skating machine can training primary technology, basic skills of skating skating and ice hockey personal technology.

2 The advantage of a skating machine





Potent Hockey

Potent Hockey, the manufacturer to supply of ice hockey training equipment and facilities for Asian regions and the provider of hockey training center service .

The training center integrates simulation training system, shooting training center and on-ground training center. The center is equipped with electronic, intelligent, digital training devices and instruments, and Canadian most efficient courses for ice hockey skill training.



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