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Slide Board

Slide Board


To become a great hockey player, you need to master the art of skating and sliding. The Slide Board targets the specific muscles needed to help you maximize the power of your stride. It will help you with your lateral movements, balance and endurance so you can be first to the puck every time.

· 8-foot Extreme Slide Board easily adjusts to any length

· The heavy rubber wedges are angled to ensure proper sliding technique

· The stoppers are retrofitted with foam for comfort

· Can be easily rolled-up for storage

· Easy to carry in the Extreme Slide Board Carry Bag

· Comes with a pair of Extreme Slide Board Booties size Large (size 8-11)

· Used by many NHL players

· There may be minor scratches in the plastic but it does not affect the function


The Power slide is fully adjustable and portable (roll-up). Power slide Package includes the Power slide board with adjustable end stop, bumpers, ramps, booties, carrying case, and instructions. Everything you need to get sliding. The Power slide builds the quick, explosive power that athletes need for the court, field, and ice. Increased lateral power, strength, agility and endurance add up to the competitive edge an athlete needs!  


Product Features: •Available in both 8 Feet and 10 Feet Models. •Sliding Surface - Specially formulated sliding surface designed to give smooth positive slide. •Ramps - The heavy rubber ramps stabilize the end stops and prevent movement of the slide board across the floor. The angle of the ramps provide for the correct positioning of the foot at take off and finish of each stride. •Booties - The nylon booties work with the slide surface to achieve smooth slides. The coating on the inside of the booties and the elastic trim around the opening help keep the booties snug against the wearer's shoes. •Pouch - The carrying case makes it easier to transport the slide board, ramps and the booties. The carrying case has a heavy duty strap and a lace closure at the opening. •End Stop & Bumpers - Designed for stiffness, strength and durability, the end stops are the starting and finishing points of each slide. They are attached to the rubber ramps with heavy duty clamping knobs. One of the end stops is fixed to the slide surface while the other is adjustable over the full length of the slide surface.