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One Time Passer(With Pad)

One Time Passer(With Pad)


An off-ice 3-in-1 training device that will develop your passing, stick handling and shooting skills at home. It allows beginners and pros to train their hockey passing skills at a high level.


EZ Puck Lites Stick Handling Pylon Set:

It’s designed to specifically improve stickhandling and puck control on either the XL Skill Pad or any other surface.

Consistent use will allow you to pass the puck faster, more accurate, and will improve your hand-eye coordination.

Low profile design does not interfere with stick movement or skating.

Light weight and easy to transport.

Can be set up and get ready to use in less than 30 seconds.


EZ Puck One-Timer Puck Passer:

It can turn any shooting board or synthetic ice into a stickhandling, passing or shooting training center.

Easy to attach and remove.