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Jan. 29,2017 The first ice hockey teenage players from Beijing visited Potent Hockey training center in Canada

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Beijing youth hockey player Hulk.

These small players from all the "Beijing Hockey Club Hulk", arrived in Vancouver in January 29th. The two teams participated in the winter training, among them, the oldest is eleven year old, the youngest only seven or eight years old.

"Beijing is outstanding, the Hulk" youth hockey movement, it has the junior hockey team "flagship team", has won good grades in the Beijing junior hockey league, and won the first national junior hockey championship.

Ice hockey originated in Canada

Ice Hockey (ice hockey) originated in Canada in nineteenth Century, known as "ice hockey". As Canada's national ball, it is a combination of variable skating skills and agile hockey skills, is one of the more confrontational collective ice sports.

In 1917, Canada set up the world's most skilled and influential Canadian National Hockey league.

The local people learn to play hockey in Canada 2 years old start, promising players often wheatgrass was University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Yale University and other places admission in advance to lock.

Teng special training, let the children play was awfully

Beijing Haoke Hockey Club Canada winter training camp, is Chinese small ice hockey players came to Vancouver for the first time Langley sportplex ice rink Teng special training center, teaching methods of machine skating coach. Overseas experience


In the special training center, the Canadian coach a pair of professional skating training methods, so that children play very invested.


The children were very happy and full of curiosity about the skating machine. Their adaptability is very strong, correct the action on the training machine, quickly understand. The coaches' humorous teaching methods are attractive to children

1 What is a skating machine

- skating is a machine used to mimic the ice skating electromechanical equipment, skating machine can training primary technology, basic skills of skating skating and ice hockey personal technology.

2 The advantage of a skating machine  


The parents in the field are in the best of spirits, "crowd" empathy for the Trent hockey training center Canada professional training equipment, training methods, teaching methods, and I am looking forward to this set of training equipment and method can enter the market China.


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