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Triangle Passer

Triangle Passer


The Extreme Triangle Passer is a top-quality passing aid to train on your own or with your teammates. The continuous rubber band wraps around the solid steel frame offering 3 passing lanes. With the versatility of this product, you will quickly improve your one-timers, passing accuracy, soft hands, stickhandling and more! 

Use the rubber feet or retractable spikes for on or off ice drills

Can be used on multiple surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, shooting pads, flooring tiles and synthetic ice

The heavy-duty construction is built to last

Offers three 22” passing slots

Used by many NHL players


Product Benefits:

Every team needs a pass-aid triangle passer. Not only will it help you control the puck better, it is also the only passer allowing up to three players to practice at the same time. Additionally, you can maximize your training by working on shuffle passes or bullet crosses, thanks to the pass-aid’s longer passing slot!